A.I. and its Future Consequences

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A.I. (artificial intelligence) is a simulation of human intelligence in a machine. The picture above is a form of artificial intelligence one of many that are around today’s society. A.I. is practically everywhere. It is in your phone when you search for information, it can even hear things you say, and it can bring up an ad for something you’d like to buy. Many things in todays society can be effected by A.I. or in the future unemployment, hacking and terrorism, and safety.

This is a car from Tesla that has a self driving feature which is an example of A.I. Uber and Lyft want to have self driving cars. While this seems great, there are multiple negatives for people who work for Uber or Lyft. Secondly, you cannot rely on the safety of a self driving car. For example “Uber’s self-driving car ran 6 red lights near-missing multiple people on the crossings. A Tesla model 3 driver was killed in an accident while using the auto pilot mode” (“The War Against Artificial Intelligence And Mass Unemployment — Do ‘Nootropic’ Brain Supplements Hold The Answer?”).

People will be replaced by technology that will require much time to be perfected. While unemployment does effect society financially it can cause many negative things to an individual person. “Unemployed individuals not only lose income but also face challenges to their physical and mental health…unemployment include higher crime and reduced rate of volunteerism” (investopedia). This is an example of why having A.I. take certain jobs from people is not good it can slowly lead to chaos and with the crime rate increase mentioned we currently have an upward crime rate every year.

McDonalds is another place that uses A.I. and its the ordering kiosk practically meaning you would only need cooks and thats about it. Even in the drive through for McDonalds and its app it has does one of the few biggest technology deals “…uses artificial intelligence to understand speech” (CNBC). This is huge because this allows people to just talk to a robot built into the kiosk, app, and drive through without a person and have their entire order filled out.

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This is just the beginning for A.I. this can have a close outcome of many jobs being stolen/created as mentioned on this article “…A.I. would create net total of 58 million of new jobs by 2022” (Technology). Considering we are in the year 2020 about to go into 2021 it is very close. The thing with A.I. is that with something so new it will have so many problems and to take jobs away from people especially with something that has to many problems to begin with is a terrible idea. As mentioned in an article here are some problems it comes with “ A.I. terrorism, accelerated hacking, and a shift in human experiences” (Marr). The biggest one for me is the A.I. terrorism which is not so good.

Overall the concept of robots/A.I. is interesting. With problems like unemployment, hacking and terrorism, and even the safety of people it is not a great idea to be having A.I. involved in so much. It is something that should always be talked about incase companies decide to go on with it.

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